Sofa and upholstery cleaning

Serving Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman

Our highly trained technicians will clean your upholstery at your home or office
AED 70 per seat
How we work
You can place an order on our website or by phone (0506892050)
We will confirm selected timing by phone and provide a price estimate (AED 70 per seat, AED 300 min order for Dubai, AED 1000 min order for Sharjah and Ajman)
Sofa and upholstery cleaning
A team of our highly trained technicians will visit you and clean your upholstery
Depending on air flow your sofa/upholstery will be clean and dry in a couple to several hours
Why are we the best sofa and upholstery cleaning company in UAE?
Through our operations in UAE and worldwide we have worked with various equipment providers, tested different chemicals and cleaned up numerous sofas. In addition to regular assistance of global experts we have developed strong in-house expertise that guarantees high quality.
We invested in advanced achievements of industry-leading equipment manufacturers that provide best quality cleaning and fastest drying times.
Chemicals & other consumables
We use wide range of consumables: various types of chemicals, upholstery shampoos, odor - and stain extinguishers and deodorizers, - all carefully selected and tested to clean well but be gentle on the upholstery and safe for humans and domestic animals.
All processes in our company are built around the customer. From placing an order to the end of cleaning we strive to impress with our service.
Make an order
Please specify the exact number of seats you want to clean
You cant place an order for today. It can only be placed for tomorrow if you place it before 20:00 today. If you make an order after 20:00 it can only be done for days after tomorrow.
Cleaning Time
Please specify the convenient hours for cleaning.
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