Curtain steam cleaning in Dubai
  • Free pick-up & delivery
  • 99% stain removal
  • Starting at AED 17 sq. m. (prices)
  • Minimum order AED 300
Serving Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman
Starting from AED 17 m²
AED 17 per sq. m. for regular curtains
AED 30 per sq. m. for blinds

Curtains steam cleaning in Dubai

  • Free pick-up & delivery
  • 99% stain removal
  • Starting at AED 17 sq. m. (prices)
  • Minimum order AED 300
Serving Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman
Starting from AED 17 m²

Refresh your curtains with expert steam cleaning

Welcome to Carpet Pro Wash, your trusted partner for steam clean curtains in Dubai. Our professional curtain steam cleaning services are designed to restore the beauty and extend the life of your curtains.

How we work

You place an order on the website or by phone.
Select a convenient time for us to clean and wash your curtains in wash-factory
FREE pick-up from your home or office
We will arrive on time, remove your curtains and deliver them to our factory for professional cleaning and washing. This method is much more effective in removing all stains than steam cleaning.
Professional curtain washing is better than steam cleaning
Through a comprehensive washing process we remove all the dust, sand, allergens, dirt and unpleasant odors, moldy, making your curtains look brand new and smell fresh
Let's bring back clean, ironing and fresh curtains
We deliver curtains back to your place in 4-5 days and hang them back up
Why choose steam cleaning for curtains?
Our advantages
Steam cleaning is a gentle but effective method of removing dust, odors, and allergens from your curtains. Our curtain cleaning process ensures that your curtains will be fresh, clean and almost like new. When steam cleaning curtains, there is no need to remove the curtains as our team can clean them right where they hang. But if there are large stains on your curtains or stains, we highly recommend using a full curtain wash at our equipped washing facility
  • Fabric-specific approach
    to always pick the best suitable cleaning method and detergent
  • Delicate Hand Wash
    for delicate fabrics for the same price as for machine wash
  • Eco-friendly
    We only use detergents safe for environment, humans and pets
  • 99% stain removal
    We target stains of any kind with a 99% removal guarantee
Why you need your curtains to be cleaned and washed
Allergen removal
Curtains trap dust, sand, pollen, and allergens. Regular cleaning or washing helps eliminate these particles
Better air quality
Clean curtains reduce the circulation of dust and pollutants, providing better air quality
Curtain steam cleaning restores the vibrancy of colors and patterns, revitalizing the aesthetics of your home
Odor Elimination
Curtains can absorb unpleasant odors. Our curtain steam cleaning and washing removes them so your home smells fresh

What curtains do we steam, wash and clean?

At company, we specialize in washing a variety of curtains, including eyelet curtains, silk curtains, curtains with hooks, rubber backed curtains, blackout curtains, lace curtains, and thermal lined curtains. Our comprehensive curtain steam cleaning services also include repairs and alterations to ensure your curtains look their best. Whether it's washed linen drapes or delicate textile curtains, we've got you covered.
Washing eyelet curtains
Cleaning silk curtains
Washing curtains with hooks
Washing rubber backed curtains
Washing blackout curtains
Cleaning lace curtains
Сurtain cleaning & repairs
Washed linen drapes
Washing thermal lined curtains
Textile curtain cleaning

Curtain steam cleaning in Dubai price

Do you want to know the cost steam cleaning curtains in Dubai? Our affordable curtain cleaning prices ensure affordability without sacrificing quality, and you only pay by the square meter or foot. Order today to discover our cost-effective curtain washing solutions.

  • FREE pick-up from your home & office
  • Cost starting at AED 17 sq. m.
  • FREE installation of curtains
  • Minimum order AED 300

AED 17 sqm

What our clients say about curtain steam cleaning

CarpetProWash reviews:

CarpetProWash has been rated 4.7 out of 5 based on 587 reviews as of March 2024

Sultana el-Hakeem
I used the service of steam cleaning curtains at home from Carpet Pro Wash and was delighted! The workers arrived exactly on time and did a quick job cleaning my curtains. They even managed to steam clean the curtains on the spot, which saved me official time. Now my curtains look like new!
I was looking for a reliable steam cleaning service for curtains in Dubai and found Carpet Pro Wash. Their steam cleaning service for curtains exceeded my expectations. The professional team not only cleaned the curtains perfectly, but also used a steam press to keep them looking perfect.
Awda al-Radwan
I can't say enough praise for the curtain steaming service from Carpet Pro Wash. This was my first experience steam cleaning curtains and I am absolutely delighted. The guys know how to steam curtains while they are hanging and it saved me a lot of hassle. Great job !
I chose a company for on-site curtain steam cleaning and could not go wrong with Carpet Pro Wash. They were true professionals in window curtain cleaning. My window curtains looked flawless after their work. Also appreciated that they offered window steam cleaning as an extra . services.
Layaali al-Ibrahim
Carpet Pro Wash provided me with exceptional curtain steam cleaning services. I was particularly impressed with their attention to detail and how they managed to steam clean curtains without taking them down. The convenience of having steam cleaning curtains at home cannot be overstated. My curtains are not only clean but also beautifully pressed, thanks to their steam press curtains technique.
Recently tried Carpet Pro Wash for their curtain steaming service and I'm thrilled with the outcome. They knew exactly how to steam curtains to get rid of all the wrinkles while they were still hanging, which was incredibly convenient. I highly recommend their steam curtain cleaning if you're looking for a hassle-free experience.
Iffat al-Sabet
Having Carpet Pro Wash come to my home for steam cleaning curtains in situ was a game-changer. Their team was professional and efficient, ensuring that every part of the window curtain cleaning process was done to perfection. After their visit, my clean window curtains have completely rejuvenated the look of my rooms.
Sahla al-Azzam
I've been using different cleaning services, but the steam cleaning windows and curtain steam cleaning services from Carpet Pro Wash were by far the best. They were punctual, courteous, and their window steam cleaning left my windows sparkling. It's great to find a company that can do both curtains and windows so well.
Carpet Pro Wash is the go-to company for anyone needing a steam curtain cleaning company in Riyadh. They take the time to steam clean curtains with such care that you can't help but be impressed. Their team is knowledgeable and their service is top-notch. They really know how to steam curtains while hanging, making the entire process quick and effective.


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