Office carpet cleaning

Serving Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman
AED 28 per square meter of machine-made carpet
AED 100 min order
office carpet cleaning
Serving Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman
At CarpetProWash, we offer a complete range of commercial carpet cleaning services designed to keep their offices, retail, commercial spaces clean. Our expert team is the ideal commercial carpet cleaning choice for businesses of all sizes – from small local businesses to multi-location operations. Uses advanced techniques to ensure your carpets look their best, creating a welcoming atmosphere for both employees clients.

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For various spaces
We cater to a wide range of commercial environments, ensuring each space receives the specialized care it needs:
  • Offices & Office Buildings
  • Worker Cubicles
  • Convention Centers
  • Schools & Classrooms
  • Theaters
  • Mosques
  • Department Stores
  • Retail Stores
  • Medical Practitioner Offices (Doctors, Dentists, etc.)
  • Showrooms
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Restaurants

What is included in commercial carpet cleaning services?

What is included services?
Vacuuming carpets
Regularly vacuuming office carpets helps maintain a clean and healthy work environment. Consistent vacuuming removes dirt, dust, allergens, prolonging the life of the carpet.
Our office carpet cleaning process
Office carpet cleaning in company CarpetProWash involves many steps during cleaning to achieve the best results. Our comprehensive cleaning process ensures that your carpet covering are thoroughly cleaned and maintained. Here are the steps involved:
Pre-Work Inspection
Our technicians will visit your office, inspect your carpets, and assess the cleaning process needed. We will identify stains, determine the cleaning method, select the appropriate cleaning products and equipment.
Furniture Moving
If required, we move furniture to clean the areas underneath, ensuring no spots are missed.
Using powerful three-motor vacuum cleaners, we remove trapped soil and dirt from deep within the carpet fibers.
We apply a pre-conditioning solution to loosen dirt and emulsify the carpet pile, making it easier to clean.
Using a rotary disc cleaning machine with a special brush, we agitate the carpet to bring trapped soil and dirt to the surface.
Soil/Dirt Extraction & Rinse
We extract and remove soil and dirt, then rinse the carpet to eliminate any residual cleaning solution or shampoo.
Post Spotting
After cleaning, we ensure that any stains or stains are completely removed and neutralised.
High-speed air blowers are used to dry the carpet evenly and effectively, preventing bad odors and fungus.
Post-Cleaning Inspection
Our professional will conduct a final inspection to ensure the cleaning meets your expectations.
Office carpet cleaning cost
We offer flexible service plans and prices per m2 for office carpet cleaning to suit your needs, discuss a price with a specialist:
Recurring Services
  • Ideal for businesses that require regular maintenance to keep their carpets in top condition.
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One-Time Service
  • Ideal for special occasions or deep cleaning needs in any commercial premises
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Every Day Service
  • Comprehensive daily cleaning to maintain high traffic floors and carpets
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Our obvious benefits

Our goal is to deliver value to our client through high quality services
  • Routine Carpet Maintenance

    Maintaining your carpets regularly is crucial for their longevity and appearance. Under our regular contract, we perform daily procedures to prevent damage and keep carpets looking new
  • Flexible Scheduling

    We understand the importance of minimizing disruptions to your business. Our technicians can schedule cleaning outside of work hours and coordinate with you to ensure a seamless process that reduces or eliminates any impact on your customers or staff.
  • Experienced technicians and equipment

    Our qualified technicians use modern equipment, both hand and machine washable, as well as environmentally friendly cleaning products and shampoos.
  • Customisable Plans

    We tailor our services to your individual needs and schedule. Even if you need overnight cleaning or daily carpet cleaning in high traffic areas.
  • Cleaning Expert

    Our team of experts is here to help you evaluate your business needs, recommend the best cleaning program. We provide advice on the most effective cleaning products, offer guidance on maintenance protocols to ensure your premises remain clean.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We guarantee 99% stain removal from your carpets, ensuring the highest quality service. Our expert team uses advanced techniques to make your carpets look as good as new.

What types of stains we clean on carpets

Our carpet cleaning company is equipped with advanced technology, experienced professionals, allowing us to tackle even the most stubborn stains with ease. Regardless of the origin and nature of the stain, we guarantee its complete removal, leaving your carpet or rug fresh and clean.


Our specialists guarantees effective removal of coffee stains from your carpet, preserving its original appearance and color


Our professional tools and methods will effectively eliminate any traces of soda from your rug without damaging color


We use prof methods to safely and remove even the most stubborn wine stains from your carpet


We specialize in removing urine stains from carpet of any complexity, including those from children, cats, dogs, and others


Our experienced specialists have the skills and tools to remove even the toughest stains, including vomit stains, from your carpet

Pet hair

We offer cleaning services to remove pet hair, including cats, dogs, guinea pigs and other pets, from your carpet


Our in-depth services include the removal of blood stains of any size, whether fresh or old, from your carpet


We use special biodegradable cleaners that effectively remove grease and stains without damaging the structure or colour of your carpet
What types of stains we clean on carpets
Our carpet cleaning company is equipped with advanced technology, experienced professionals, allowing us to tackle even the most stubborn stains with ease. Regardless of the origin and nature of the stain, we guarantee its complete removal, leaving your carpet or rug fresh and clean.

What clients say about our services

Our office building has been using the carpet cleaning services from CarpetProWash for years, we have always been impressed with the results. The team is professional, efficient, and the carpets look as good as new every time.
The worker cubicles in our office were in need of a thorough cleaning, and CarpetProWash did an excellent job. They were able to remove tough stains and refresh the carpets, creating a more pleasant work environment for our employees.
CarpetProWash provided exceptional carpet cleaning services for our convention center. The team was able to accommodate our large space and deliver outstanding results. We highly recommend their services for convention centers.
As a school administrator, maintaining clean and hygienic classrooms is a top priority. CarpetProWash has consistently delivered high-quality carpet cleaning services, ensuring that our school environment remains clean and conducive to learning.
Maisara el-Abad
The carpets in our theater undergo heavy foot traffic and require regular cleaning. CarpetProWash has been our go-to choice for professional carpet cleaning. Their expertise has helped us uphold a clean, inviting atmosphere for our patrons.
Sakeen el-Muhammad
CarpetProWash has been a valuable partner in maintaining the cleanliness of our hotel's carpets. Their thorough and efficient cleaning services have helped us uphold the high standards of cleanliness and guest satisfaction that are essential in the hospitality industry.
CarpetProWash understands the unique challenges of maintaining carpets in a department store. Their thorough cleaning services have made a significant difference in the appearance and cleanliness of our store, enhancing the overall customer experience. Thanks))
We rely on CarpetProWash for our retail store's carpet cleaning needs. Their team is reliable, and the results speak for themselves. Clean carpets make a positive impression on our customers, and we appreciate the consistent quality of their services.
Jameel el-Arafat
Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is crucial for medical offices. CarpetProWash's professional carpet cleaning services have helped us uphold the highest standards of cleanliness, contributing to a welcoming and sanitary space for our patients.
Jameela E.
CarpetProWash's attention to detail and respect for our religious space have been commendable. Their carpet cleaning services have contributed to the upkeep of our mosque, and we are grateful for their professionalism and dedication.
Faadil el-Halaby
Our showroom's carpets require regular maintenance to showcase our products effectively. CarpetProWash has been instrumental in keeping our showroom carpets looking pristine. Their attention to detail and expertise in carpet cleaning have been instrumental in maintaining the professional appearance of our showroom. We recomend.
CarpetProWash's carpet cleaning services have been essential for our restaurant. They understand the unique challenges of maintaining carpets in a dining environment and have consistently delivered exceptional results. Our carpets look and feel fresh, contributing to a positive dining experience for our patrons.
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Commercial carpet cleaning

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