mold removal
in Abu Dhabi

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mold removal
in Abu Dhabi
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Signs and dangers of mold contamination
Frequent illnesses
Mold contamination is toxic and can cause allergies, asthma, bronchitis, sinus infection, headaches and even pneumonia.
Visible mold
If you see molds in your bathroom, kitchen or any surfaces around the house, it's a clear sign of contamination and potential health risks.

Excessive moisture
Even if you can't visually identify mold, any long-term dampness leads to hidden mold growth. Therefore it's crucial to turn to professionals.
Strong, musty odor
Consistent musty odor is a clear indication of mold infection indoors, which causes not only discomfort but also potential health issues.
Mold removal before and after
Why we are the best mold removal company in UAE?
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    Our mold remediation services are backed by our extensive experience working with various equipment providers in the UAE and around the world. We have tested and implemented a range of effective disinfection products and have successfully cleaned numerous types of mold from various surfaces.
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    We invested in the best professional equipment globally to provide uninterrupted, reliable, and high-quality mold remediation to our customers.
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    Perfect cleanness and health safety
    Our mold remediation service ensures complete cleanliness and safety for your home. We cover the entire area affected by mold and use safe and effective remediation products to eliminate mold and its spores. This helps prevent allergies and other respiratory illnesses caused by mold exposure.
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    All processes in our company are built around the customer. From placing the order, to collection, to delivery we strive to impress with our service.
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How we work
You place an order on the website or by the phone. Select a convenient time adn day of service.
Mold inspection and remediation
Our specialist comes to your place at the appointed day and time and provides the best quality mold remediation service which includes: inspection and mold damage assessment, mold containment, air filtration, removing mold and mold-infested materials, cleaning contents and belongings, restoration as per IICRC 5520 standards.

Enjoy healthy mold-free environment
Your home is now mold-free. Your breathing becomes healthy with no cough or allergies.

Professional mold removal

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